fluffing instructions

First take your clear thread , pull it through the wire loop and tie the loose ends together. You can bend the opposite loop to make a hook to hang another pom pom under it. You are ready to start fluffing!

tissue pom poms instructions
1 .Starting from any side, fan out the folds to make it easier to separate each layer
Tissue pom poms
2. Separate each layer of tissue, pulling towards the center as far as you can.
Tissue paper pom poms3. For best results, alternate pulling away layers from left and right
Tissue paper pom poms4. Continue seperating the layers until you reach aprrox. halfway and flip over to the other side Tissue paper pom poms

5. Repeat step 2 until all layers are seperated

Tissue Paper pom poms6. Now you can adjust your pom pom to make it rounder by pulling the layers intowards the middle
Tissue paper pom pomsYour pom pom is ready to hang! Enjoy!    




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