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Greeting card

I just wanted to write up a quick post about a greeting card I made for a girlfriends bridal shower. I’ve been ordering some cardstock samples for invitations and I thought this would be the perfect chance to test out this beautiful metallic ivory paper.

I printed this grey vintage rose pattern on the entire card, topped it off with a coral band and bracket shaped sentiment with a little flower shaped jewel.

The paper printed out beautifully and I am so happy with the way it turned out!


Picture frame earring holder

As I mentioned last week I’ve been trying to fix up my new office space and I found some furniture from craigslist that needed to be painted. Mistakenly I bought latex primer, which needed 7 days to fully cure, so while I waited I started on a project for my new dressing room.

I already have a great piece of furniture from Ikea to store my jewelry but it wasn’t working so well for my super long earrings. I found this diy earring frame on pinterest that I just adore but I could not find the radiator grates at the Home Depot here in Canada.

source: Iheart Organizing

There are a lot of other options that I could have used but I really didn’t want to use mesh or lace so I scoured the Dollarama for some ideas. Here’s what I came up with!


I made two frames for $12 and all the items I used were from EFADS and Dollarama. Here’s how I made them!

These frames are from EFADS and cost $ 1.75 each. They are made from plastic but you can hardly tell!

I bought these cork tiles that came in a package of two and a roll of this silver filigree contact paper from Dollarama (both $2).

I removed the glass from the frames and cut the cork and contact paper to the same size as the glass. I peeled the backing off the contact paper, smoothed it onto the cork and popped the covered cork back into the frame (without the glass).

While I was in the dollar store there were these fantastic rhinestone pushpins but they were quite large. So I decided to make my own with clear pushpins and a package of self-adhesive rhinestones (both $2). I just took a rhinestone and stuck it on the head of the pushpin.

I pushed the pins onto the covered cork and hung the frames on the wall. It took me ten minutes to make each one and it was super easy! I have some empty wall space left so I’m thinking of making a couple more in the future. Here are some pics of it in my dressing room.